20 miles, More GU, and a Running Rut

Remember when I told you all how much I liked the salted caramel GU? WELL, last week I complained to Phil that I was out of GUs and lo and behold, I get a FedEx package at work containing THIS:

Photo: Yesterday I complained to Philip Colón that I was out of GUs for my long run this weekend. Today I get this in the mail:

Boyfriend points!!!! I was well-prepared for my long run on Sunday (at least fuel wise).

20 miles. I started my run with the NYC Half runners because I was trying to find some friends who were running. I didn’t find them but ended up running about 7 miles of the course from Central Park through Times Square and to the West Side Highway. The other half of my run was running OPPOSITE the half-marathon course, which meant running back up the west side….INTO THE WIND….the ENTIRE TIME. I am not going to lie. It was not fun and there were times where I felt like I was running in place. My body actually felt the effect of the wind resistance yesterday- it was still sore and tired like I lifted weights. I could also feel the energy being sucked out of me twice as fast throughout my run, hence the positive split in times. Here is an interesting article on how wind resistance affects your running. During every run I like to think about what I could have done better. Here are the things I learned from this run:

  • Bring something salty- I stopped for a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Yes. I’m not ashamed.
  • Rice as a pre-run meal actually works for me. I may start having white rice before my runs- low fiber and good source of carbs.
  • Do NOT end your run against the wind.
  • Do not start a long run on little sleep (I was woken by loud noise outside of my apartment at 3 a.m…).

This morning I had a 7 mile easy run planned. I was so slow and tired. Again, don’t know if this is left over from my long run but I think rest may be in order. Next weekend I have the Michelob Half-Marathon in Flushing, Queens. I also have a 22 mile run scheduled for that same day. I will report back!

It’s also about that time when I am losing motivation because my body is tired and feeling the effects of my long runs. I think we all need to remind ourselves that we run and train because we WANT TO and because WE CAN. We physically and mentally are ABLE TO run. I try to think positive thoughts when I hit these sort of bumps in my training and I hope you do too.

Running truly is a gift. Take advantage of it! Clear your mind and feel better about you :)

And for those super slow days:

This is sooooo me, but that's okay!! A friend said it's not how fast you run or how pretty you look, as long as you "do it"!!

Aaaand thank you, Pinterest!


What inspires you to run?

How do you get out of a running rut?


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