My First DNF and…Metatarsal Bursitis.

I had my first DNF (did not finish) on Saturday. I dropped out of the half-marathon because of foot cramping and pain. I was really upset because I had never dropped out of a race before, no matter how much pain I was in. But I knew that I wasn’t going to finish in a decent time and I sure as heck wasn’t getting anything out of that race, training-wise, so I just had to drop out before I injured myself even more. And I’m sure glad I did.

I went to the podiatrist today and was told I have metatarsal bursitis (pain and inflammation in the ball of my feet). It’s basically because my second toe is larger than my big toe and all the pressure that is supposed to be absorbed by my big toe is really getting absorbed by my second toe (or second metatarsal, rather). If I continued running this way, I would probably have a stress fracture. I got me some metatarsal padding and some over-the-counter orthotics. My doc said to try this out and see if it alleviates the pain but that I should be able to keep running. I am super excited (about being able to run pain-free) and wish I went to the doc sooner because with a month left til the marathon, I am very nervous. This is not going to be a PR race for me so I am just planning on having fun.


Have you ever had this injury?? What did you do?

Anyone ever DNF? Share and make me feel better!


4 thoughts on “My First DNF and…Metatarsal Bursitis.

  1. Ouch, this sounds so painful and I am so glad to hear that you got it checked out. Foot pain as a runner is the worst and I am so bummed for you that you DNFed. But that being said I think it was super wise on your part. Great mindset. I have had my share of foot ailments over the years, it does get better!

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