More Hurdles

As runners, SOMETHING always comes up that tampers with our marathon/race training, whether it is a nagging injury, a health issue, a life event, weather (ok, this is a bit extreme), etc. We know our bodies and we know how much we can sustain. Therefore, we will also know when something is wrong.

These past few months of training have been hard for me. Not because of the weather and not even because of my foot. My training runs have become progressively hard to run, as in the more I run the less stamina I have. Weird, right? Because usually the more you run, the better your stamina, but for me it was just the opposite. I found that I had to stop and catch my breath a LOT and it was difficult for me to maintain a pace that should be easy for me. So finally, I decided to get a physical and my doctor told me that I am “extremely, extremely” anemic. Apparently I have so little blood that he is surprised I am able to run for more than 5 minutes. My doctor attributes this feat to my runner heart and lungs (they have been working overtime). Therefore, I am SO thankful that I have been able to run this far for so long. Long story short, I am waiting on more test results to see what the next step is – I am beyond the point of just taking iron supplements because my blood count is that low.

What’s next? I am still waiting to hear back but for now, it doesn’t look like I will be running NJ next month. My training has not been where it’s supposed to be and I don’t want to jeopardize my health. That being said, I am thinking of registering for the Philadelphia Marathon, which opens tomorrow! Has anyone run Philly before??? I would LOVE your thoughts and any advice on the course!!!!


Tell me about some hurdles you’ve overcome as a runner, big or small. Inspiration needed!


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