New Jersey HALF Marathon Recap

Hello, ladies and gents! An update on my anemia: I have been getting iron infusions every week and taking iron tablets every day to get my levels up to normal. They are still pretty low but I have been feeling SO much better, better than I have felt in YEARS. I was told my condition has been progressing over the years and I think this may explain why I have felt so crappy while training for Chicago and Berlin.

I was not allowed to run the NJ Marathon yesterday but was able to run the Half, so long as I was conservative with my pace and listened to my body. I felt really good and for the first time in months was able to run without stopping to catch my breath. Phil and I ran at a pretty comfortable/slow pace (he would yell at me if I sped up) and finished in around 2:04. Obvi not a PR but that wasn’t what we were after yesterday. We wanted a safe, fun, run and we got just that.

The course: FLAT. I can see why so many people PR on this course.  I will definitely be back to run this once I am healthy again. There were one or two tiny bridges but that was it. The half started at 6:45 a.m. and the wind didn’t pick up until later in the day (felt so bad for the marathoners! You guys rocked!). You run through neighborhoods and pass gorgeous houses for most of the course. The last 1.5 miles is along the water and you finish on the boardwalk so that was nice.

The people: It was a pretty small race but the locals were so nice and cheered for us the entire time. There are not many spectators on the course but the ones who were out were awesome, handing out water and cheering people on.

Transportation: We bought a start-area parking pass and got in/out of the race with no problem. We didn’t encounter much traffic getting to the race either. Our hotel was about 2 miles from the start line so that made everything pretty easy. The start/finish areas are in different places but there are buses that will shuttle you from the finish to the start. We didn’t take this but I saw a lot of buses so don’t think it would have been a problem.

Overall, great day, great course. We were there with Phil’s family and had such a good time. It was the first time I have felt good about a run (even though I couldn’t really “race”) in such a long time. That being said, I just signed up for the Philly Marathon 2014!! Who’s running it with me?!


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