There’s a first time for everything…

I have exciting news, people: Red blood cells (and the stuff that makes them, i.e. iron) are VERY important!! Esp if you plan on running a gazillion miles a year (jay kay. more like a few thousand).

My almost-normal levels of iron/red blood cells have made me stronger over the past few weeks. In fact, I even placed 2nd woman overall in a 5k this past Saturday. It was my first time placing EVER and I am really excited about it. I even won a trophy! Tip: Enter a local race where there is no cash prize so you have better odds of winning something ha! I don’t race 5Ks often because I am a long-distance runner at heart but I decided to test my limits this weekend to see where my running stands right now. I finished around 23:40 (about 7:37 pace), so not super fast but I guess fast enough in a small field. I am annoyed because I forgot to stop my Garmin and there was no chip timing, so I am basing this on the clock time when I crossed the finish. I felt pretty good the entire time and tried to really keep my pace steady. I think I def could have gone faster but I am pretty awful at pacing myself in 5Ks.

Photo: Just placed in my first race-2nd woman overall!!!! #running #springraces

Sometimes it just takes one good run. I’m ready for fall marathon season.


Tell me something that motivates you for the race season!

Anyone race this weekend?


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