Coaching and Heart Rate Zones

So I recently started working with a coach. I figured that since my anemia fiasco, I should start my training fresh because I really have NO idea where my running is at right now. I’ve always wanted to try working with one because I’ve tried so many of those online training plans and nothing seems to have worked (of course, this may also have been because I had no red blood cells). My marathon goal (again) is to hit sub 4:00. I know, this is not very fast but for ME it has been something I haven’t yet accomplished. I’ve only just started with coaching so obvi I have not yet seen the benefits but in due time, I hope to see changes.

One thing that my coach has me focusing on is pacing and heart rate zones. I’ll have to admit, I’ve never trained by HR before. Since my Garmin HR strap seems to be half broken or something, my HR zones have been set by my recent race paces and I am learning to run by feel. Yesterday’s workout consisted of 5x8mins in each of these zones:

  • Zone 1: very comfortable pace
  • Low Zone 2: able to hold convo
  • High Zone 2: still able to hold convo but a bit harder
  • Low Zone 3: low end 10k pace (can’t hold convo w/o stopping)
  • High Zone 3: high end of 10k pace

At first I thought it was easy but this workout is actually kind of challenging, especially because you are forced to start a bit slow. I was having a super hard time getting myself to run too so I turned Spotify to the Notorious B.I.G. station. Yes, guilty.


Who uses a coach?? How do you like it??

What do you do to motivate yourself to run??



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