It’s that time again…

KT TAPE. I wrote about this before and how much I love it. I have posterior shin splints AGAIN. I think my legs/feet are trying to tell me something: time for new shoes. My last pair of Mizunos were in JANUARY before the NJ Half. I definitely think it’s time. I am still obsessed with my Wave Rider 16s and am sad I can’t pick them up at my local running store anymore. I have been thinking of switching to Sauconys because they are pretty similar to the Mizunos. I’ll keep you posted.

Back to taping. I really do think it helps. There is no scientific evidence and some believe it might just be a placebo effect but I’LL TAKE IT. As long as it doesn’t hurt you, why not try it? Advocates of taping say that taping helps improve blood circulation in/around the affected area, thus alleviating the pain. I taped my ankle/shins for my morning run (10 pick ups at faster than 10k pace with warm up/cool down) and felt pretty good. My (very) short term goal is to get through this 5k I am racing tomorrow. I want to PR or try and place again haaaa. I joke but I would be so happy and amazed if I could.

In case anyone is wondering where I learned how to tape, this is the video I used for my shin splints. I’ve followed the other KT videos in the past and they’ve all worked! Also if you are wondering (because I am SURE you are) what my taping looks like right now, here it is (I had to wear a pant suit today to cover up the hot pink)- you’re welcome:



Has anyone tried taping before? Tell me your story!!


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