Another Half + One liners

Ok, no more halfs before Philly! I ran the Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon last weekend because I’ve been hearing that Philly has some Central Park-like hills. Since I haven’t been running in CP much lately, I thought this race would be a great training run. I ended up finishing (13.3) in 1:49, with steady pacing over the hills and negative splits. I was happy. I was also surprised that my time was better than the Queens Half, which was a pancake flat course. Based on recent race times, my coach also adjusted my goal marathon finish time. I will keep that time to myself until after the race, so I don’t jinx myself ;)

During hard runs/races I often find myself repeating the same one-liners and I also find myself giving the same advice to friends who are either training for a race or just starting to run. So I thought I’d share a few:

  • Focus on the mile you are in: Do not worry about what your pace will be the next 3 miles. Do not think about how many miles are left. Just concentrate on getting through that mile. The rest will follow.
  • Never judge a race by the first mile: You will either start out too fast or you will be slower than you anticipated. It’s okay. You have time to adjust…unless you are training for a 5k- then you should worry about the first mile ;)
  • Slow down. This usually comes during the first half of a race. The adrenaline is pumping and you just want to go all out because you THINK you can sustain this pace. You are wrong. You will never regret those negative splits. Save your energy for the second half- that is when the race really starts.
  • Where there’s an uphill, there’s a downhill: Hills can be our friends. Befriend them. Think of the downhill as your time to recover.
  • Trust the training. You’ve put in the work and come this far. Now is not the time to stray. Let the training take over.

These never get old for me and I always find myself repeating them at least once during a race.


Does anyone have a running mantra….that they’d like to share???

How is your fall training going?


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