Race Report: Philadelphia Marathon

I made it! It’s been a little over three weeks since the Philly Marathon. I finished in 3:50 and I’m pretty happy with that. I had very even splits which I’m also happy with. My “A” goal was 3:45 and my “B” goal was 3:50. Never a bad idea to have more than one goal. Things change on race day.


The course: Whoever tells you the Philly Marathon is flat is lying to you. Ok yes it’s mostly flat but there were definitely a few steady uphills that hurt around miles 10 and 20. The first half of the course goes through the city and its different neighborhoods. There are a ton of spectators. The second half is an out and back along the water. Not as many spectators but those who were out were awesome.

Phil paced me during the second half and I don’t think I would have met my goal otherwise. I never really hit a wall but was so tired by mile 20 that I knew I would have slowed down if he wasn’t keeping pace. I don’t regret anything that I did during the race and for the first time am proud of my performance. Go, red blood cells! I felt so different during this race than any other marathon.

I’m signed up for my first post-marathon race this Saturday, a local 10k. Can’t wait to start the next cycle!!


Who ran a fall marathon?? How did it go??


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