Hill work on…the bike.

Yesterday I was supposed to do 5 miles of hill work. However, since we were hit with ANOTHER snow storm, I didn’t want to risk slipping on black ice and I was not up for running in -5 deg weather (just yet). So I took to the bike instead. I decided to try out Cyc Fitness. A new spin studio that opened in the David Barton gym. I especially liked the concept that you can use the gym two hours before/after spin class. I took a pilates class before spin to stretch me out a little.

The instructor: Keoni, who is also the creator of the Cyc Method. INSANELY energetic and made me want to keep on pushing through intense HILLS. His music was great and always made you feel like moving.

The class: At only $25/class and with access to the rest of the gym, I think this is the best bang for your buck. Keoni does not tell you what RPM to hit. Instead, your cadence is supposed to sync to the beat of the music. He also has you turn your resistance down to zero and then tells you how many turns to make from there. This is super helpful because often times instructors tell you to turn up the gear but you have no idea if you are at the right resistance. The entire class had great music and Keoni was so full of energy. It does get loud in there so if you are sensitive to this, probably not a good place for you. There was a lot of hill work (which I needed) and we used sandbags to strength train for about three songs (this is longer than other classes) WHILE going up a hill on the bike. I definitely got my hill work in.

I usually don’t use the bike to substitute for any running workout but I thought yesterday was a good day to do so given all the factors. I haven’t received my new running shoes yet (I HATE footlocker- they cancelled my order without even telling me) and didn’t want to risk injury. If you only have a few miles planned, or have an easy day of running , it will not hurt to substitute it with an activity that will help you build strength for running.

Actual running: I did my second long run on Monday. 12 miles at an easy 9:30 pace. On the phone the entire time. Through Rock Creek Park. In 50 deg weather. I was in heaven. I had not run through Rock Creek in so long and it is one of my favorite runs. I was also able to catch up with good friends and talking on the phone forced me to run at a conversational pace. Phil and I ended the day with Olive Garden’s unlimited bread sticks and salad. Don’t judge.


Races and Revolve Spin Review

I am officially registered for the NJ Marathon. I also registered for the Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon, which I ran last year on a whim. I am very excited because I never really plan this far ahead for anything other than a marathon. But part of my “thing” this time around is to sign up for shorter races earlier so I can factor them into my training. I truly believe that the absence of ANY races during my Berlin training contributed to my poor performance (which relates back to my poor training/pacing).

Yesterday I took my first class at Revolve in NYC (first class is free!). I took Jason’s class and I straight up felt like I was in a club. He played amazing music that really made you pedal hard and fast and I was truly exhausted. Maybe it’s because I haven’t gone spinning in a while but I would like to think it’s because he had so much energy. He had us do climbs, sprints, and then in the middle of the class we did weights with sandbags that were on the side of the bike (I think this is sort of Soul Cycle-ish?). We were out of the saddle for about half the class, which I like because I feel like when I’m out of the saddle I am mimicking running (prob not but let’s pretend). I would definitely go back for another class. My plan is to spin once a week to keep my cross-training in check. Anyone want to come?!


Any spin enthusiasts out there? Do you go to a spin studio? If so, which one?

What type of cross-training to you do/find most effective?

No Weekend Plans

Phil had this whole weekend off – the first in a very long time – so we decided to not make any plans and just hang out. It actually turned into quite an eventful weekend. First, I have to tell you about this amazing pie shop Phil discovered in Georgetown called Pie Sisters. For the past month he has been coming home with different flavors and I think we’ve now tried them all. My favorites are the chocolate bourbon pecan and the banana cream. They have these mini pies called cuppies (get it? cup pies?) and Phil usually brings home a few. So of course we started Saturday off by getting more pies.


we got choc cream and banana cream. drool.


After we stuffed our faces, I rode a real bike for the first time in about 15 years!!! Phil “donated” a bike to me from his shop, fixed it up a little, and off we went. I was really nervous because I hate riding in traffic and had no idea what I was doing but he was a very good teacher. We decided to ride on the W & OD trail and rode for about 14 miles (albeit very slooowly) into Fairfax and back. It was so much fun and I can’t believe it took almost 2 years for us to actually do this. It’s pretty ironic since he lives and breathes bicycles. Here is Phil fixing up my bike!


On Sunday I was supposed to run the Nike Half (unofficially…) but we woke up late. I guess when you don’t have a bib on the line and no real commitment (long story), it’s a little harder to get up at 6 a.m. to run 13.1 miles. Especially when Phil is THE hardest person to wake ever. However, we still made it out to the race. We ran from Gtown to Hain’s Point to look for his sister, who was walking/jogging the race. We found her around mile 6 and walked/jogged with her the rest of the way. She is a speedy walker and I am actually sore from it!

On our way to the race:


Now I am sad the weekend is over but that means back to running! I took today as a rest so tomorrow I’ll do a few miles before work. I’m really looking forward to these few weeks of easy running because my training “officially” starts May 13th!


What did everyone else do this weekend??

What is your favorite pie flavor??

Favorite pie shops??