More Snow and Indoor Workouts

This past weekend we were hit with our first blizzard. As much as I love winter running, safety is always first because being injured is WAY worse than having to fit in a few treadmill runs. Luckily though, I was able to get in a run outside the day after the storm (Saturday):



After my run, I did some strength work. I usually only get in about 15 min of exercises after a run. This is what I did:

  • Reverse plank dip – 30x
  • Planks with leg left – 1 min
  • Side planks – 1 min each side
  • Bicycle – 50x
  • Superman – 20x
  • Metronome – 20x
  • Deadlifts with kettlebells – 20x

Some of these workouts you can find here.

Sunday was a different story. We got some freezing rain and all the snow on the ground turned into black ice. This is very dangerous so please do not run outside in this kind of weather or get some Yak Trax.  I almost fell just walking down the street. So instead of going outside (because it was slippery and I was fighting a cold), I hit the treadmill and did some intervals. Then I went to a spin class at Revolve. I really like Revolve classes because it’s like a dance party every time. See my post here on Revolve.  The music is always upbeat and the instructors are always so encouraging. Since I know you are as depressed as I am about having to go indoors during times like this,  here are some ideas if you are stuck inside:

  • Take a class: This is a good time to work on your strength/flexibility. With so many boutique studios in NYC now, you have so many options. Otherwise, your local gym probably offers some general total body classes. I take Shred 55 at NYSC with a handful of instructors.
  • Do your own strength exercises/stretching: Ok, maybe you don’t like being stuck inside a room with a bunch of sweaty strangers. You can always do your own strength routine at the gym or at home. See above.
  • Spin: I used to be a spin hater until I found good instructors. Spin is a great way to cross-train for runners because it works the opposite muscles.  Go to a spin studio/class or do your own workout on a stationary bike. I like classes at Revolve, Flywheel, or  Swerve. If you are poor (like me), these studios sometimes will offer free classes.
  • Intervals/speed work on the treadmill: I like the LADDER. Warm up for one mile. Speed up for one min and then recover for one min. Repeat at two mins, three mins, so on. I usually do a 1-1-2-2-3-3 sequence and then work my way back down. Cool down for one mile. It depends on how much time you have and want to spend on the ‘mill.

If I have to resort to a treadmill run, I will usually limit it to no more than one hour (because otherwise I will go crazy) and then take a class or do strength work afterward. That is exactly what I will be doing today.

Also, this week is the FIRST WEEK of marathon training!!! I have four short runs and one 10 miler scheduled. No more blizzards, please!


What do you do to cross-train?

Anyone ever use Yak Trax? Worth it?



I had a panic attack this week. I started packing up my room on Tuesday (I’m MOVING tomorrow!) and I felt a tightness in my hip. Thinking I just needed to stretch it out, I did just that…except the tightness didn’t go away and instead I woke the next morning with a dull pain in my hip. There was one spot that especially hurt when I put pressure on it so of course I googled my symptoms and decided I had hip bursitis. I immediately called my closest ortho (I have many) but she was booked for two weeks. However, I’ve injured myself way too many times to know when I should go to a dr asap and I didn’t think this was one of those times so I just waited it out and rested. Turns out that’s all I really needed. Then today my posterior shin splints came back….I couldn’t even run for ten minutes without messing up my form. Can’t a girl get a break?! I just finished icing and taping them. Sigh. It makes me nervous because I start training next week.

Injuries are inevitable when you run. You have to learn how to decipher the different types of pain and trust me, you will know when it’s the bad kind of pain. When it is indeed the bad pain, do not run through it. Just rest and do low impact exercises. Your body will thank you later. Today I took a spinning class, which was both forgiving on my shin splints and my hips. I thought about giving up my gym membership but for days like today, I’m thankful I have one. #firstworldproblems.

Weight Gain, Another Recipe, and a Running BREAK!

Alright. This is just ridiculous. I’ve gained 8 lbs since I joined Eq. I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence but all this talk about “it’s all muscle” is just not true anymore because how can someone possibly gain that much weight in such a short period of time? Do I have to quit Eq now?? No, no. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to stop weighing myself. I used to never weigh myself but then I got into the habit whenever I’m at the gym and now I can’t seem to break it. No more.

Speaking of weight gain, I made this baked banana french toast casserole with an oatmeal crumble over the weekend for brunch. I found the recipe on Pinterest (I love Pinterest so much…) I made the HEALTHIER version and here’s my adaptation of the recipe. I wish I took pictures but I can attest that it was tasty and I will def be making it again! I will just show you the original pic from


1 loaf of french bread, cubed
3 ripe bananas, sliced
5 eggs
1 cup almond milk
¼ cup butter, melted and cooled plus 1 tablespoon for greasing pan
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/4 cup sliced almonds (or any kind of nut, or even better, choc chips like the orig recipe!)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

for crumble
½ cup oatmeal
½ cup butter, at room temperature
½ cup brown sugar


  1. Generously grease a 9 X 13 deep-dish casserole dish with 1 tablespoon of butter. Place a layer of bread slices alternating direction of bottom crusts and top crusts to outside of pan. Add a layer of bananas and almonds. Repeat 2 more times ending with layer of bread.
  2. In a large bowl whisk eggs, milk, butter and vanilla together. Slowly pour over bread layers making sure to coat evenly.
  3. In a small bowl combine oatmeal, butter and brown sugar and mix into clumps with your fingers. Top casserole with oatmeal clumps. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours or better, overnight (I only had a few hours and it was fine).
  4. To bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove casserole from refrigerator and bring to room temperature, about a half an hour. Bake uncovered for 35-45 minutes or until edges are bubbling and top is golden. Remove and let set for 5 minutes and serve.


Now can we talk about RUNNING?

I took this week off for my long run, only totaling about 18 miles for the week. I’ve been feeling very sluggish lately and I have been running slower. I started looking back at my running and realized that I really haven’t taken a week off (with just easy running) since the beginning of the year. This is problematic considering marathon training starts in two weeks and I will need a pair of fresh legs. So the next two weeks will consist of easy running, not to exceed 20 miles/week. I’m going to use this time to take advantage of Eq and go to all the classes.

Speaking of classes, I took the 30/60/90 class on Saturday and I am STILL SORE. Boy, am I out of shape!! Tomorrow morning I’m going spinning because I finally got into this one instructor’s class. And this weekend I’m going to ride my bike. I hope Phil fixed my handlebars :D (THANKS BABE YOU’RE THE BEST).Speaking of Eq classes, I never told you guys about Pilates Bootcamp – I LOVED IT. I was sore for days and the instructor was pretty innovative. I’m going again this week.

I have 3 lemons and lots of flour that I need to use up before I move. What should I make?!?!

New Type of Bootcamp and a Recipe

Today I took a Pilates bootcamp class at Eq. It was hard. I will let you know if I feel it tomorrow. We used medicine balls, resistance bands, rings, gliders, and weights. I would def go back. Mid class some chick strolled in late and squeezed her stupid mat right between me and the person next to me, leaving virtually no space between us. I gave her many dirty looks but she just did not get the point. After class I did 30 minutes on the treadmill bc I didn’t feel like running through the streets, dodging people and stopping at red lights. I did my 1-2-3 intervals.

I have to share this recipe with you that I found on Pinterest. It’s honey mustard pretzel chicken!!

I used Trader Joe’s pretzel nuggets and used a coffee grinder to grind the pretzels into THIS:

20130502-210018.jpg 20130502-210024.jpg

I also used whole wheat flour to dip the chicken in instead of regular flour. The only complaint I have is that the breading stuck to the wax paper after it was done. I think next time I will dip the chicken in egg first before I coat it. Otherwise, it was pretty good and I’ll definitely make this again. Here’s the end result:

20130502-210034.jpgI have a lot of leftovers!!


I’m pretty excited for the weekend because all I am going to do is run, make roasted chick peas, and go home to see the fam/go to dim sum!!


What is your favorite recipe?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Eq class: Deep Extreme

Last night I took a new class (new for me) called Deep Extreme. This is the description of the class:

The barefoot cardio training of the future. All you need is your body weight and your breath to experience this challenging, unique workout. Move, swing, hold, release and fly in the most recent creation of Robert Steinbacher, fitness genius. Get off the machines. Get on your feet.”

Sounds kind of dumb, right? I thought so and refused to take it because I expected a bunch of weird dance movements and yoga-like poses. But then I did some intense googling and read a bunch of convincing reviews so I decided to give it a shot before my 6:30 dinner.

The instructor is pretty good. She is also super fit and pretty…because she’s a model, obvi. She goes around the class and actually does the moves with you. If you’re doing something wrong, instead of adjusting you she just stands in front of you and does the move so you don’t feel dumb and singled out. This happened to me a few times.

The class is pretty fast-paced and non-stop. There were a lot of plyometrics, some swinging of the arms (but not in a weird way), squatting, kicking, balancing, planking, etc. – basically all movements with your body weight, which I prefer over dumbbells and body bars. My disgusting puddle of sweat and sore bod today has convinced me to take this class again. I LOVE finding new classes and can I say again how much I love Eq?!

I felt so good after the class I ordered a salmon burger, sweet potato fries and a MINT OREO CRUMBLE MILKSHAKE at dinner. I haven’t had a legit milkshake in a long time and it was so f-ing gooooood. It was kind of worth going over my daily caloric intake by 1000…

Tonight is my 7th PPTC workout. Hopefully my sore calves will make it through the track.

Fasting with P

This weekend P made some delicious Daniel fast-friendly meals. Potato and leek soup and sweet potato burritos.

For the potato soup, P sauteed one leek, one onion, and one chopped up jalapeno. He then boiled 5 peeled/diced small potatoes and the leek mixture in one 32 oz box of veg broth. Once that started boiling and the potatoes became soft, he used an immersion blender to mix everything together until a creamy goodness was created.

p.s. someone please tell P to SHAVE his beard and get rid of those glasses!

The burritos didn’t come out exactly how he wanted so we modified them into tortilla cakes. They were still really good and really easy to make- you literally combine masa flour with water. DAS it!

For the sweet potato filling, I boiled 3 sweet potatoes, mashed them, then we mixed the mash with brown rice, peppers, one onion, and one can of black beans. We then baked the mixture for about 10-15 min and threw it on the tortilla.

On Sunday my laziness from the weekend lingered and I could only muster up enough energy to run 10 miles. I did a loop around cp then ventured over to the west side. It was a pretty slow and low energy run.

Yesterday I tried my new Pearl Izumi spinning shorts!!! They were amazing. My butt doesn’t hurt at all. They took a little getting used to but it’s worth it. I ran for a little bit before spin in my shorts and that was not a great feeling…but doable! I just wouldn’t go on any long runs with them…

p.s. I’ve gained 5 lbs in the past month. I don’t know what to do but keep on eating!!!

PPTC #3 and the BX

Two things happened today:

1. I started my first day in the Bronx. I walked through this scary tunnel thing from the subway to my building. I also learned that our new “offices” won’t actually be offices. Boy, was I spoiled in Bk.

2. My 3rd PPTC track workout was this evening. We did pyramid intervals, sort of. We went up but didn’t come down bc we didn’t have that much time. The workout goes like this:

20 min warm up
400m at 5k pace
800m at 5k pace
1000m at 5k pace
1200m at 10k
1600m at mile pace
5 min cool down
2-3 min rests in between

You are supposed to do them again in the reverse direction (1600, 1200, etc) but we only have so much time reserved on the track so we didn’t get to do them. I was pretty ok with that though…

Yesterday I used this digital scale that measures your body fat at the gym. ANOTHER great thing about Eq! I don’t know how accurate it is but in addition to my body fat, I also learned that I gained 2.8 lbs. Not cool. Also, my friend B told me that at some of the gyms, they actually give you clothes and socks if you forget to bring your own (don’t worry, they’re clean). I am so impressed. I may have to go to one of these locations just to check out the clothing. B and I took a 30/60/90 class and again, I was dying. In a good way.

P is coming to town tomorrow to cook me some healthy food so I won’t be working out after work. I will be pigging out instead. I will share pics of the meals that he makes me :D