Running with Others

I’ve always been a solo runner. I will occasionally run with friends but very rarely, mostly because my friends don’t like to run. I am lucky that Phil loves to run as much as I do and that he can talk to me about running forevz without getting bored. In fact, our first fight ever was about the significance of compression socks. And so of course I thought that we would be able to run together. But therein lies the big difference. 

I’ve come to learn that dating a runner and running with your runner boyfriend do not really go hand in hand. The main reason being that we have very different running styles. I want Phil to always be considerate of me and make sure we are at the same pace when running. I want him to talk to me when I want to talk (I talk when I run with people). Phil, on the other hand, just wants to run at his pace, as fast as he can, and not talk. End of story. There is no talking or being considerate of pacing. The only way to get around this is to agree on a pace and a style before we run, which is what we do when we race together. We agree on a pace and Phil will then pace me and force-feed me nutrition. That is the beauty in agreeing. 

This article interestingly addresses love and running, a lot of which I agree with. 

In the end, although we cannot run all of our runs together, we have happily completed several races together at agreed upon decent paces and we can still hold each other accountable for our training runs, then talk about and understand how each run went. We have already agreed that we aren’t running Berlin together and that is okay with me because we have different goals. 

I do think that I should find a running group or some running friends so that I can chat away….any takers?!


Do you run with your significant other?? How is it?

Do you run with friends?? How is it?


No Weekend Plans

Phil had this whole weekend off – the first in a very long time – so we decided to not make any plans and just hang out. It actually turned into quite an eventful weekend. First, I have to tell you about this amazing pie shop Phil discovered in Georgetown called Pie Sisters. For the past month he has been coming home with different flavors and I think we’ve now tried them all. My favorites are the chocolate bourbon pecan and the banana cream. They have these mini pies called cuppies (get it? cup pies?) and Phil usually brings home a few. So of course we started Saturday off by getting more pies.


we got choc cream and banana cream. drool.


After we stuffed our faces, I rode a real bike for the first time in about 15 years!!! Phil “donated” a bike to me from his shop, fixed it up a little, and off we went. I was really nervous because I hate riding in traffic and had no idea what I was doing but he was a very good teacher. We decided to ride on the W & OD trail and rode for about 14 miles (albeit very slooowly) into Fairfax and back. It was so much fun and I can’t believe it took almost 2 years for us to actually do this. It’s pretty ironic since he lives and breathes bicycles. Here is Phil fixing up my bike!


On Sunday I was supposed to run the Nike Half (unofficially…) but we woke up late. I guess when you don’t have a bib on the line and no real commitment (long story), it’s a little harder to get up at 6 a.m. to run 13.1 miles. Especially when Phil is THE hardest person to wake ever. However, we still made it out to the race. We ran from Gtown to Hain’s Point to look for his sister, who was walking/jogging the race. We found her around mile 6 and walked/jogged with her the rest of the way. She is a speedy walker and I am actually sore from it!

On our way to the race:


Now I am sad the weekend is over but that means back to running! I took today as a rest so tomorrow I’ll do a few miles before work. I’m really looking forward to these few weeks of easy running because my training “officially” starts May 13th!


What did everyone else do this weekend??

What is your favorite pie flavor??

Favorite pie shops??

P’s birthday weekend

To celebrate P’s birthday, I asked him to buy (I mean order) me some new gear. I celebrated by going on an 11 mile run while he was working to test it out. I really like the Craft baselayer although it rode up a bit during my run. If I have one piece of winter running advice it would be to invest in a good running shell. Makes a huge difference. The Craft shell did a good job blocking out the wind and I definitely needed it yesterday running into Rock Creek Park.

This is my stuff.

Post-run coffee in Georgetown

I felt pretty good after my run. I had a negative split so was pretty happy about that. I wish we had more trails in NYC. For now I suppose I’ll have to settle with doing loops around the park. Ugh.

Anyway, more fun things…we went CLUBBING after dinner. This is us plus a ghost in the photo:

Not much of a running update except that I love my Craft gear and I have to go out for a short run now. Oh and I had homemade pop tarts from Teds Bulletin for brunch! Once I find a recipe for these I will share. This one is peanut butter and bacon. It’s for P.


Hi, there. So you’ve decided to stalk me around the world. Good. I’d really enjoy the company.

I started this blog mainly so that I could remember all the intricate details of my experiences in other cities/countries. I’ve traveled to quite a few places and looking back, I wish I could remember every restaurant I’d eaten at, all the wonderful people I met along the way, and all the sights I’d seen. Luckily, it’s not too late to start documenting and I want to be able to share this with anyone who is willing to read.

So, let’s get moving.