PPTC Fail, Easter, and Food Choices

I didn’t go to my track workout on Thurs night. This is my problem- if I don’t go running either right before or right after work, I will get lazy and comfortable. I got home at about 5:30 and track was at 7. So of course I lazed around and ate junk food, changed into my pjs and told myself I’d go tomorrow. I woke up and ran 7 miles but its just not the same. The workout was 12x200ms, which I did this morning in the middle of my run (right off the bus from D.C.).

Speaking of D.C…this weekend I was in DC helping Phil break his fast. I also forced him to run 10 miles with me on Saturday. Here’s a photo recap of our run:

Our pre-run meal of oatmeal, bananas, and blackberries.
Ladybug running with Phil

We reached the midpoint and found a kite festival! Please ignore the face that he is making. 

Heading back into VA, past the Lincoln Memorial

Sunday morning I woke up to an Easter basket!! We had a long day of eating ahead of us but I still managed to break open some eggs to find some Reese’s peanut butter treats. 

Phil broke fast with these pretzels. They were SO good and we’re going to make them and share the recipe.

After we had our pretzels, it was time to go have Easter brunch with Phil’s fam at a churrascaria- my first time ever!! I was scared and excited. It was amazing and I love hanging out with his family bc they are super cute and I get to hear embarrassing stories about Phil!

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I gained about 5 lbs from just a few weeks ago. I will attribute most of it to yesterday’s feast (worth it) but Phil’s fast has also put my eating habits into perspective. We had a discussion about how you don’t realize how many chemicals and unnatural products are in the foods that you eat every day. My goal this year is to become a better, more efficient runner, and I truly believe that my diet is getting in the way of this. So this week, I am going to try and limit my consumption of foods that contain chemicals, additives, and all that unnatural stuff, which ALSO means I will be cutting out CHIPS and DESSERTS (or maybe just limit them to only one day/week…). Let’s see how I do. I will be logging my foods for all to see.

PHIL will also be writing a guest entry about his experience fasting for lent!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!



Ok, I just realized that last night was the 6th session and I’ve only gone to 3. From now on I must go to every, single one because I also realized yesterday that I am extremely slow. Here was last night’s workout:

20 min warm up (I just ran to the track and did a few laps while there)
10 min cool down

At the end of these sessions, I am going to make a list of all the workouts and do them on my own when I really start marathon training.

I also tested out my new Wave Riders. They felt good on the track but my blisters from the Inspires were bothering me. I still have to test them on a run outside.

I ALSO realized last night that my new compression socks are going to clash with my sneakers!! Noooooo!!!

PPTC #3 and the BX

Two things happened today:

1. I started my first day in the Bronx. I walked through this scary tunnel thing from the subway to my building. I also learned that our new “offices” won’t actually be offices. Boy, was I spoiled in Bk.

2. My 3rd PPTC track workout was this evening. We did pyramid intervals, sort of. We went up but didn’t come down bc we didn’t have that much time. The workout goes like this:

20 min warm up
400m at 5k pace
800m at 5k pace
1000m at 5k pace
1200m at 10k
1600m at mile pace
5 min cool down
2-3 min rests in between

You are supposed to do them again in the reverse direction (1600, 1200, etc) but we only have so much time reserved on the track so we didn’t get to do them. I was pretty ok with that though…

Yesterday I used this digital scale that measures your body fat at the gym. ANOTHER great thing about Eq! I don’t know how accurate it is but in addition to my body fat, I also learned that I gained 2.8 lbs. Not cool. Also, my friend B told me that at some of the gyms, they actually give you clothes and socks if you forget to bring your own (don’t worry, they’re clean). I am so impressed. I may have to go to one of these locations just to check out the clothing. B and I took a 30/60/90 class and again, I was dying. In a good way.

P is coming to town tomorrow to cook me some healthy food so I won’t be working out after work. I will be pigging out instead. I will share pics of the meals that he makes me :D

Weekend cured by running, Shake Shack, and TLC

I found a way to cure my weekend: I ran, ate, and listened to old school tunes.  I hadn’t run in two days because I was stuck at work dealing with this fiasco. But yesterday I did the PPTC track workout that I missed at the gym: 10x400s with 10:00 “rests” and 7:20 sprints. I also took a Barre Burn class that kicked my ass and hips. Then today I ran a very nice 12 miler. I literally ended my run at Shake Shack and I am so excited to share my first bite (of the day) with you guys:
It’s some good stuff. I got the single burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. I also got a diet coke because that is surprisingly my go-to drink after every longish run. I otherwise never drink soda (unless there is alcohol involved). I also downloaded the Pandora app on my iPhone and listened to TLC radio during my entire run. Now, let’s talk about TLC. 
Last summer my girlfriends and I were at brunch at this spot in the West Village. It was a boozy one and we were singing, dancing, and eating all at the same time. Literally every single song that came on was an old school goodie and we asked the waitress for their playlist. She told us it was just Pandora, TLC Radio plus Beyonce. This was the best discovery of my life. Here are some of the artists I listened to during my run:
Mariah Carey (before she became wack)
Montell Jordan
3LW (remember them?!)
TLC (my fave)
Destiny’s Child
Aaliyah (RIP girl)
And the awesome list goes on. I am truly a child of the 90s….
Now, I’m at work. I didn’t even bother to shower. I bought some cleansing wipes and wiped my face then changed into an old workout top I found on my chair. I’m gross, I know. This is me being gross and procrastinating by taking pictures of myself at work. 
Goodbye, weekend. 

Track Workout #1

Yesterday was my first track sesh with the PPTC. There was a group of about 25 runners, from fast runners to really slow runners…but that’s okay. We were all there to improve our own pace. The first workout was very basic and a lot of it was just explaining what the next 9 weeks will look like. So here’s what we did:

20 min warm up around the track (boring)
Stretch, core exercises
4 x 800ms at 3:53 (7:48/mile pace)
5 min cool down

That’s it. Pretty easy first time. I am really hoping my 800s will improve bc that is just not acceptable. I won’t be able to make next week’s workout because it’s v-day and P tells me he is going to plan something (after I suggested to him he should plan something hehe)!! The coaches email workouts for the week depending on what you are training for. This weekend I’m supposed to run 14 miles…probably not going to happen in this blizzard. Maybe.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go to a spin class at Eq only to find out that IT WAS FULL!! WHO gets up that early?! Ugh. So I just did an easy recovery run on the treadmill while watching news about this big blizzard that’s going to hit us tonight. The hourly forecast even says “blizzard.” That can’t be good.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but…

I LOVE MY GYM. So far, I’ve taken Barre Burn, Ripped Arms, Diezel Bootcamp, and 30/60/90. I am still sore from 30/60/90. The class consists of a lot of plyometric workouts, which I really need to do for running, and it is non-stop. You don’t get any breaks. Before EQ, I used to hate the gym. Like, really hate it. I couldn’t stand the classes and the smell. I was paying $70/month so that I could use the gym as a locker room when I went running outside. But now, I am actually excited to go to classes because the instructors are all so good and everyone is actually fit (models everywhere). I feel fat working out next to these people so it makes me want to work harder. The eucalyptus towels and Kiehl’s products help too. Plus, there are enough locations so that I could still use it as a locker room when I run outside! Join and use me as a referral!!! You will not regret it!

Ok, enough of that. I recently joined the Prospect Park Track Club. They are some intense runners who constantly break 6:00/mile race paces. So, what better group to work out with? I signed up for a 10-week track session so that I can get stronger and hopefully faster. I feel like I lack the motivation to do speed workouts on my own plus I get access to an indoor track, which is key in the winter for speed.

This weekend I am going to make cookies and I will post more photos and recipes. Hopefully my stupid roommate won’t eat them all!!!!!